Tired of Being Tired


Happy New Year. I’ve decided to every now and then share stories on here of how I’ve helped random people with my recommendation of CBD. I’m not a doctor nor pretend to be, I’ve just worked in the cannabis industry legally for the last 3 years and during that time have helped thousands of patients. One thing that I can see with people is that we are creatures of habit. Whether you frequently get that candy bar or soda you’d do the same with your cannabis or CBD. I’ve longed for the day to work in the cannabis industry and finally able to share this amazing product with you ! I hope Cross Country Wellness brings you just as much joy and finding hope in CBD once again! This is my first blog and I will get more comfortable as time goes ... one thing I’ve noticed more than anything, I truly believe in the benefits of this plant. I am beyond humbled to be where I am today and hope you can experience the benefits and find the right dose that suits you! Much love friends ans til next time 




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