How are we different?

Owned by Cannabis Activist of the Year Las Vegas 2020

Supported by a team that has dedicated their lives to educating the public on the uses of CBD. 

As a commitment to have some of the best, and purest CBD around, straight out of Las Vegas, Nevada, we want to be transparent as possible with our products! 

We have all of our Certificates of Analysis for every one of our products on our site for the public to see. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are able to provide some of the best quality CBD out there, and for an EXTREMELY competitive price !

Developed by our award winning US Based team.

Who we are:

We started Cross Country Wellness with one thing in mind. Providing the highest quality CBD products to our customers. We do this by working with one of the best suppliers and extraction companies in Nevada and the USA. All products are lab tested, under strict compliance. All our CBD is made from USA-grown hemp.

The CBD crystalline isolate used in our products is lab tested and contains zero THC. That means no psychoactive side effects or "high", just effective relief.

Why do we want our customers to buy our products from people that work directly in the cannabis and hemp industry?

Because it is our mission to educate patients and customers on CBD. Since we are in the industry and know the industry, we can pass that direct knowledge to our customers.

We are not paid spokespeople. We represent the cannabis and hemp industry. I would certainly want to buy my CBD from those that are well versed and educated on the benefits. 

In other words, many companies say they use the best suppliers and extraction companies. At Cross Country Wellness we will know the name of the extractor who makes your CBD. We only work with the best. How do we know they are the best? Because We are in the industry.