Meet The Team

Mission / Who We Are

We started Cross Country Wellness with one thing in mind.  Providing the highest quality CBD products to our customers.  We do this by working with one of the best suppliers and extraction companies in Nevada and the USA.  All products are lab tested, under strict compliance.   All our CBD is made from USA-grown hemp.

The CBD crystalline isolate used in our products is lab tested and contains zero THC. That means no psychoactive side effects or "high", just effective relief. 

Why do we want our customers to buy our products from people that work directly in the cannabis and hemp industry?  

Because it is our mission to educate patients and customers on the benefits of CBD for long term health and wellness.  Since we are in the industry and know the industry, we can pass that direct knowledge to our customers.  

We are not paid spokespeople.  We represent the cannabis and hemp industry.  I would certainly want to buy my CBD from those that are well versed and educated on the benefits.  

In other words, many companies say they use the best suppliers and extraction companies.  At Cross Country Wellness we will know the name of the extractor who makes your CBD.  We only work with the best.  How do we know they are the best?  Because We are in the industry.  

Meet The Team:

Jordan Bergsrud

Owner/Founder – Cross Country Wellness

2020 Las Vegas Cannabis Activist of the Year

Budtender – Top Notch Dispensary

Sales Rep - CannaLean

Sales Rep - Kushco

Activist/Brand Ambassador/Sales Rep – Weed Be Better Off

Jordan Bergsrud is the embodiment of being, “immersed in the industry.”  It has been a journey with a purpose and passion for Jordan.  Or as everyone calls him, J Bird. 

He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee where he witnessed firsthand the effects of opioids after his father was in a car accident in 2015 and then lost his life to an opioid overdose 6 months later.  

Jordan took a very difficult situation and made it his passion.  

“I realized the impact and benefits of cannabis and CBD and wanted to dedicate my time and knowledge to helping others realize the benefits of this plant.”

“I wanted to be the difference people want to see in the world, by providing the best possible products I could find.”

Jordan’s high energy and passion was rewarded this year as he was named the 2020 Las Vegas Cannabis Activist of the year.  In a town of bright lights, no sleep and big names, there are none bigger and more real than J Bird.  

He is the face of Cross Country Wellness.  

Jim Bergan

Partner/ Founder – Cross Country Wellness

Owner/Founder – Weed Be Better Off

Jim Bergan is the elder statesmen of the Cross Country Wellness team.  He was invited to the “legal” cannabis and hemp industry in 2014 and worked at one of the largest fully integrated cannabis companies in the state of Nevada. 

He took his experience to Northern California or, “The Emerald Triangle” where he operated and managed a large outdoor cannabis cultivation.  

He now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and has partnered to form the Cross Country Wellness Company. 

Jim is also the founder and owner of one of the more popular and upcoming lifestyle brands, Weed Be Better Off.  A brand that emphasizes the importance of the hemp and cannabis plant, and the immediate need for federal legalization.

Jim has dedicated a great deal of his time educating others on the benefits of the cannabis and hemp plant and continues to do so.  

His desire to put the patient first lead him to partner and create Cross Country Wellness.  A desire to offer the highest quality products with a focus on the patient and education.  “The key is education and removing the stigma of the hemp and cannabis plant.”   

This plant can save a lot of lives and will continue to do so.  

Jim was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia.  

He graduated from the Catholic University of America in 1989.  

He was a PGA golf professional from 1992 until 2003

Cannabis and Hemp advocate since 1984

Zack Williams

Owner/Partner - Cross Country Wellness

I was injured in a motorcycle wreck years ago. One that the Doctors claimed I would never recover from. They never thought I would survive.     
As I am here before you today,  joined by the millions of Americans who have been through the same. Let me just say that I LOVE this company!
I am one to say that I don't know where I would be if I had gone down the opioid road, in efforts to eliminate this daily pain. Thank you to CBD for giving me my life back, without chancing taking it! That is WHY I want to share this with the World!